In the last few months my activities with EESTEC drastically decreased. I wanted to see the people again so I decided to join them in Ohrid on the first International Motivation Weekend organized by EESTEC LC Skopje from 18 to 21st of July. The event was also part of the bigger event called “EESTECers gone wild 2″. This IMW is important for the LC because it was mainly organized in order to celebrate the LC’s 10th birthday.

Ohrid is the main touristic destination and one of the most beautiful cities in Macedonia, located on the banks of Lake Ohrid. It is notable for once having had 365 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a “Jerusalem (of the Balkans)”. I love this city, but i haven’t had a holiday there since i was a child, so this event was a nice refreshment of my memories.

It took me 6 hours to get from Kocani to Ohrid by bus (usually it takes up to 3 hours if you go by a car) so I arrived at noon. At the bus station, there are many people repeatedly asking you if you need accommodation. It’s kinda funny. The first thing that surprised me was the price of the ticket for transportation from the city’s bus station to the place called “Biljanini izvori” – it costed me only 15 MKD. There, we were situated in some nice resort next to the beach (I don’t know its name). The participants who were part of the full “EESTECers gone wild 2″ event were already there.

As soon as we checked in, we decided to go the beach called “Kadmo” although the weather wasn’t appropriate for such activities, but the main goal was to have some great time so we didn’t mind. The water there looked dirty and green and i didn’t like it. Meanwhile, some other participants who were coming just for the motivational weekend arrived at the resort.

The team plans for the evening were for the foreigners to have a chance to try some of our specialties and traditional food and music, so we ate at the restaurant located next to the resort. After dinner we had some time to hang out in the yard and after that almost everyone went to some fancy nightclub. I don’t like nightclubs.

The next, second day was the most interesting one. After we had breakfast, we went to the city’s main dock and took a boat trip to the famous St. Naum monastery. The combination of wind and sun was perfect for sailing across the lake. While visiting the monastery, some man who works there told us about the legend of St. Naum. The grave of the saint Naum is placed there and they say that if you lay your ear on it, you’ll hear his heart beating (yeah, right! :)). However, the monastery is a very nice and peacefull place. Later on, we had lunch at some nice and quiet restourant and after that we went to the beach. The view from the beach was sort of breath taking, the sandbank altogether with the swampy water, very convenient for swimming.

We got back to Ohrid in the afternoon and we went for a walk in the old bazaar. Then Stefan (more known as Krusa) took us on a very interesting, almost 4 hours long tour around the old part of the city. He told us many stories and legends about the places we saw and how big is the historical and cultural importance of Ohrid. We saw the gates of the old city, the famous Robevi House, monasteries St. Sofia, St. Kaneo and St. Pantelejmon, the ancient theatre etc. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit the Samoi’s fortress because it got late and dark. I still don’t have any photos from the tour, but i’ll add some as soon as i get them.

When we got back at the resort we hung out again in the yard. Firstly it was nice, but later the songs turned into turbo-folk. Most of the people like that style of partying. I can’t stand it.

We spent the third day on the beach. We went to the beach Gradiste 3, a small and nice beach.. I liked it. The water looked very lovely, but the weather was little cold and windy and there was almost no sun during the day. There was some nice psy/dub music playing at the beach. We got back “home” in the afternoon.

This evening was reserved for the official celebration of LC Skopje’s 10th birthday, with a party on a beach nearby. The president Igor and the event’s main organizer Petar presented a speech, while later on the participants from the other LCs promoted their gifts.. We had some good time here.

When i woke up the next day, some of the people had already left, and the others were starting to pack their stuff. I caught the bus at the last minute, and after a 6 hours long ride i was home again. All in all, those were some nice days for me and I hope everyone had a good time. The next mission for me is to survive one more month in Kocani :)